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Customer Testimonials

Happy PDR Customers
"This is my 'go to' site for online CE's. I always enjoy the clear, well organized courses, and customer service has always been great when I needed something." - Millicent Gary (Social Worker)

"THANK YOU for sending the advertisement in the mail telling me about your services! The material was current, helpful, colorful and well presented. Just to let you know, my license is due for renewal on 3/31 and I am in a hurry. (Is anyone NOT in a hurry?) I went to the website that I used 2 years ago for completing my required CEUs and in spite of having a small credit remaining there, found the website navigation so cumbersome and un-friendly that I gave up and sifted through my pile of mail until I found your advertisement! I will definitely visit you, again!" - Marilyn DeLuera (Social Worker)

"I always appreciate the way that PD Resources includes the latest research theoretical perspectives in preparing their course material." - Judith Antinarella (Social Worker)

"Site is one of the most user-friendly I've encountered." - Shannon Aguilar (Social Worker)

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"Your dashboard is the most user-friendly of all the online CEU sites that I use. Keep up the great work!" - Tamra Nelson (Occupational Therapist)

"Let me say how much I have enjoyed doing my OTR license renewal CEUs with your company. They have uniformly been excellent, and it is my intention to revisit them again. I shall definitely recommend PDResources to all my OTR and other discipline friends." - Carolyn Oppenheim Schwartz (Occupational Therapist)

"In all sincerity, I absolutely love the format and information provided in your Continuing Education courses. The amount of information is perfect. It delves into the issue without redundancy and yet is very comprehensive. Thank you!" - Jodi Kaseff (Occupational Therapist)

"This is a great resource for continuing education, it's very accessible, east to use and understand.  There is a great and varied selection of courses. Thank you! Also, very kind & helpful operators answering questions and providing guidance!" - Betta Ratiu (Occupatinal Therapist)

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"Just some positive feedback about the many programs/courses I have taken with PDR. They have all been informative and clearly presented. The price is very reasonable for the CEU credits received. You guys are doing an excellent job." - Ira Silverman (Psychologist)

"Easy to navigate the website. Easy to pay. Easy to take the exam. Bravo." - Susan Gierok (Psychologist)

"I have been licensed since 1984, so I've taken my fair share of CE courses. I am so impressed by this website and its navigability, the choice of courses, the course material itself -- I will definitely be back. Thank you." - Barbara Eason Himes (Psychologist)
"PDR offers great products that are easy to navigate and complete as well developing a learning process." - Patrick Duggan (Psychologist)

I have used PDR for years and truly enjoy the CEU courses. Thank you! - Melina Goldenberg (Psychologist)

Your contact/support by email was awesome. Quick and prompt. I truly appreciate it and will continue to use this site every year. - Jana Smith (Psychologist)

Thank you, PDR, for your wonderful, informative courses. I always enjoy them, as well as gain a lot from them. Have a beautiful day! - Deborah Radzwill (Psychologist)

PDR is great. I just told a friend about PDR as she has to take all online courses this year. After taking a live interactive webinar with a different provider, and trying to enroll in a class with another, I am much more appreciative of PDR. Thank you! - Vicky Kehrer (Psychologist)

I enjoy taking courses from PDR as they are informative, concise, and well put together. - Jim Knutson (Psychologist)

I like your courses. I always learn something. They are not overly pedantic, and the outlines, learning goals, and questions are clear and easy to follow. -  Virginia Whitener (Psychologist)

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"This site makes it easier to obtain CEU'S for ASHA. I especially like that you can download materials and self study at your own pace. This is a nice alternative from going to an all day seminar or sitting through a webinar. Thank you for offering this possibility to Speech-Language Pathologists as well as other healthcare professionals." - Kathleen Sullivan (SLP)

"What I love best about courses for PDR is the flexibility and convenience when working on a course. I download the material on my tablet and am able to work on a course anywhere! I can work on a course wherever I am - when I have an extra thirty minutes because a client canceled or when I am in a waiting room of a doctor or car repair shop!" - Mary Klos (SLP)

"I love the courses you can download to a tablet! It makes it so easy to complete CEUs when you are traveling, or waiting for an appointment." - Mary Kaiser (SLP)

"I am telling everyone about your company/website! I have never had such great experiences with CE courses!!!" - Sharon Speierman (SLP)

PD Resources is my go-to site when I am in need of continuing education units. I appreciate the variety of subjects. They are presented in a clear and interesting format. Very user friendly. - Linda Piller (SLP)

I love PD Resources. The courses are great and everything is so user-friendly. Also, I have emailed and called in person and always get a quick, friendly response. - Marilyn Polk (SLP)

Your courses are always of much higher quality that others available. Thank you for preparing clear, well-written information that is informative and helpful! - Debbie Yones (SLP)

PD Resources is such a great company. They offer a variety of CEU courses in the area of speech pathology. The customer service representatives are always prompt and efficient. I love PD Resources. - Marilyn Polk (SLP)

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"Your educational CEU courses are excellent. The last one I took was cutting edge and had the most recent innovations in the field within it. Thanks for your service and your excellent, easy to navigate website." - Ronald Petit (Counselor & School Psychologist)

"PDR offers the most complete and easy to understand courses. They are easy to navigate." - Kevin Thompson (Counselor)

"I recently took a short course from another on?line provider and realized how satisfied I have been with PDResources courses. Yours are almost always well written, comprehensive, and easy to follow. Not so the other one. I remain a happy client!" - Diane Fitser (Counselor)

"PDR never ceases to amaze me with their on target, relevant, and interesting courses! I liked the variety of topics/articles discussed." - Shelley Uhlig (Counselor)

"This is the most helpful, easiest CE website I have used. Thank you!" - E. Neil Heflin-Wells (Counselor)

"Excellent. I love your website, programs, and ease of movement." - Cathie Platt (Counselor)

 "My 3rd PDR course recently. All are excellently researched, written, segmented, focussed. Thank You!" -  Susan Truett (Counselor)

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"I really appreciate PDR making this user-friendly, informative, self-study ethics course available. Thank you!" - Kristin Gentry (Registered Dietitian)

Your website was super easy to navigate! I tried a few other suggested websites for my ethics CE requirement and gave up because the website was so difficult to navigate, I never knew what the next step was. Your site is one of the best websites I have ever worked with, especially for CE credits. Thanks for making this process painless. - Ann Lachney (Registered Dietitian)

I love your courses. Thank you for the many offerings. I'm looking forward to taking many, many more. Thanks. - Deborah Radzwill (Registered Dietitian)

PDR's impressive faculty and staff can be relied upon to deliver quality, up to date, and current texts. The courses are easy to follow and understand - I appreciate their cliarity. I have always relied upon PDR to deliver quality courses that meet my professional needs - every time. I always check with you FIRST before I use any other CEU providers. Thank you all and keep donig your great contribution to the medial comunity! - Paz Kent (Registered Dietitian)

You have really made these courses very user-friendly. It takes me several hours of reading and studying, but it's exactly what I need to be more effective when coaching my clients. Thank you very much, once again. And the PD Resources staff have been nothing short of AMAZING. I applaud you for making such a huge, positive difference with all these courses. - Carl Wayne Pickering (Registerd Dietitian)

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